• Nuggets, fries, grilled meat, dips and salads
  • Different types pf food and drink on the table
  • Grilled chicken, fries and dip
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About Us

The couple purchased a food truck in 2018 then transitioned to a storefront in one year and Strikeout Wingz Nolensville Rd. was birth. The couple opened their second store Strikeout Wingz II, Ewing Drive amid the pandemic. Opening the second location during the pandemic came with challenges, however, it became one of the best business decisions to date for the Strikeout Company. Together the couple is building a legacy for their children and making history in the Southern food industry. Strikeout Wingz is on the rise as one of Nashville’s best-tasting wing spots in the city.

Chinar’s & Faraj’s Story

Chinar managed several restaurants in Nashville gaining her the experience she needed to open her own business. Chinar is originally from Northern Iraq and her roots are from Kurdistan. Growing up as an immigrant has not been easy. Women in her culture are raised to be wives not CEOs of successful businesses. Chinar has been driven and determined to be an accomplished businesswoman. Chinar is very ambitious, assertive, loyal, and creative. She believes that God and family come first. Faraji is a Nashville native and a product of a single mother. However, after his parents divorced his focus and ambition changed. He had dreams of playing football as a professional athlete. However, after marrying Chinar and having children, the weight of being a provider for his family became challenging. Faraji made some decisions that altered the course of his future. He was faced with Federal time due to poor decisions. Faraji paid his debt to society and decided to pursue entrepreneurship. Faraji is quick-witted, articulate, creative, and analytical. He does not believe in judging people and he believes that everyone should be given a second chance in society.

Next Directions

Faraji and Chinar’s goals for Strikeout Wingz are limitless. They ask that the Nashville community continue to support their business as they are advocates of supporting other small businesses. One of their biggest goals is for their business to continue to grow as they embark on expanding their brand and franchising. Their strength and focus come from God's guidance and continuous prayer. StrikeOut Wingz is destined to be the next American wing craze, but they are planning for longevity in the food industry. They also want endless blessings and success for their business and brand.